Attorney Edwin “Sandy” Hardy has 25 years experience at the practice of law here in eastern North Carolina where he has been a lifelong resident. Mr. Hardy has conducted dozens of civil trials and over 100 criminal jury trials. Mr. Hardy has obtained several dozens of Not Guilty jury verdicts for clients charged with crimes who professed their innocence. He has obtained civil settlements of over $100,000.00 several times and a settlement of over $500,000.00. He has settled a $1.4 million dollar debt down to nothing due to legal defenses and facts discovered by Mr. Hardy. He has obtained a civil jury judgment for an injured client (the plaintiff) of over $150,000.00, which the defendant paid Mr. Hardy’s client in full with interest and costs. He has negotiated numerous five and six figure debts down to a fraction of the original amounts owed, often with the debtor keeping ownership of the house and/or land.

Attorney Edwin Hardy is one of the few lawyers in North Carolina to be retained on a death penalty case. Most such cases are by lawyers appointed by the Court because the defendant has no assets or money. Mr. Hardy was paid by private individuals with relations to the defendant to do such a case; and, the jury did not sentence the defendant to death. In State and Federal courts he has obtained jury verdicts of Not Guilty in cases of armed robbery, drug trafficking and possession, sex crimes, serious felony assaults and major larcenies.