BUSINESS DISPUTES – Lawsuits: defending lawsuits & filing lawsuits against others; Negotiations; Settlements;

CRIMINAL– Jury Trials & Plea Bargains;

CONSUMER PROTECTION – Bankruptcy, Lawsuits against Creditors, Collection Agencies and Bill Collectors, Debt Negotiation,

CIVIL LAWSUITS – Personal Injury, Dog Bites, Automobile Accidents, Medical Malpractice; Torts; Business Disputes; Contract Actions; Consumer Lawsuits;

FAMILY LAW – Adoption; Custody; Divorce; Separation Agreements- negotiation & preparation;

DEBT– Bankruptcy; Defending Against Lawsuits; Asset Protection; Debt Defense & Settlement; Lawsuits against Creditors, Bill Collectors & Collection Agencies; Debt Negotiation;

LEGAL DOCUMENTS– Wills, Power of Attorneys, Deeds (note we prepare deeds, but do not do real estate closings), Separation Agreements, Contracts, Healthcare Power of Attorneys, Limited Power of Attorneys,