Attorney Edwin Hardy has more than 25 years experience at bankruptcy, defending debt lawsuits and protecting people in collection actions by Creditors. We are a Federal Debt Relief Agency. We help people reduce and eliminate debts while protecting their homes, property and assets. The initial consultation is FREE. DO THIS and KNOW your choices and be aware of your options BEFORE making ANY major decisions such as a Second Mortgage or a Debt Consolidation Loan. Many people can ELIMINATE their debts WITHOUT a Second Mortgage or Debt Consolidation Loan.

Often we have seen people later destroyed financially and lose their homes from Second Mortgages taken out to pay unsecured debt when Attorney Edwin Hardy could have eliminated those debts easily!!!

We file several hundred bankruptcies a year. Attorney Edwin Hardy has represented several thousand people in bankruptcy and successfully filed more than 2500 bankruptcies. Attorney Edwin Hardy has had cases reported in the Federal Bankruptcy Reporter. These cases made law that helps debtors protect their homes and assets while eliminating their debts. Bankruptcy is the major portion of our practice.

Collections Abuse

Attorney Edwin Hardy files lawsuits against Bill Collectors and Creditors who violate the law while trying to collect debts from you. This happens more often than you think. We’re here to help! All initial consultations are FREE!!!! Know your choices, know your legal rights, and know your options!!! Save all collection letters and collection call histories on your phone. Attorney Edwin Hardy shall evaluate each collection letter for violations of law which is much more common than you think. Attorney Edwin Hardy will go over collection call situations with you. It is not uncommon to get settlements from Creditors and Bill Collectors of over $10,000 for egregious or repetitive collection violations. You do not have to pay anything upfront for these lawsuits. Attorney Edwin Hardy files these lawsuits on a contingency basis and he doesn’t get paid unless you get paid. The vast majority of these lawsuits settle. It is very rare to lose these lawsuits!


Debt Settlement, Debt Reduction, Debt Elimination and Debt Consolidation

Protect Property and Eliminate Debts! We help people settle debts for less money than the amount in which Creditors file lawsuits to collect OFTEN WITHOUT the need to file bankruptcy. We have had excellent success in settling judgments for less money than the amount owed in the judgment. Attorney Edwin Hardy has settled many debt lawsuits for businesses and individuals. Mr. Hardy is very experienced at the defenses to debts that many people and other attorneys overlook. Attorney Edwin Hardy is here to help you. Whenever you have had a lawsuit filed against you or your business then you need to come see Mr. Hardy immediately. The initial consultation is free. Know your choices and be aware of your options for free with a free consultation.


Attorney Edwin Hardy has defended many foreclosures and is very knowledgeable in the defenses to foreclosure. One possibility is that bankruptcy stops a foreclosure. A lawsuit with an injunction can stop an illegal or improper foreclosure. There are many technical defenses to foreclosure. Attorney Edwin Hardy has obtained settlements for wrongful foreclosure. One settlement was full elimination of the debt AND $200,000. Attorney Edwin Hardy has had settlement offers for his client of elimination of the debt and to keep the house and land free and clear of the mortgage and the debt.

Business Debt and Disputes

Many people in business have been taken in by “investors” or “partners” or people with offers to “help you” be successful. The fact you signed a Promissory Note to partner with a person or business, or to start a business, or purchase a business does not mean that there is nothing you can do. Many people are the victims of civil fraud, which is different from criminal fraud. Many people were improperly required to guarantee debts. Get a free consultation and see if you have that or any other legal defense to business debt if your business has closed, failed or slowed to the point it is not profitable.